interactive performance, 2005 (April 8)
directed by Kristina Ianatchkova/ dance performance by Melissa Flagg
BLIM Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Hard-wired is an experimental participatory performance, where a combination of audible tones stimulate, and consequently modify, the heartbeat rhythm of a volunteer from the audience. There is a direct relationship between the mental and physiological states of the human body. The heartbeat rhythm responds immediately to what we sense and feel. Each type of brain frequency - alpha, beta, gamma and theta - correspond to a particular state of mind, respectively deep sleep, drowsiness, relaxed but alert, highly alert and focused.
During the performance, a variety of tones specifically created to affect brain states were sent to the headset of the participant, while a stethoscope amplified his/her heartbeat into the performance space. The rhythm of the heartbeat was used as a platform for a live improvised dance by another performer, and was simultaneously mixed with spoken emotions, triggered by the dancer's movements. This created a closed circle of stimulations echoing through each of the participants - sound director, dancer and subject.

audible tone - sound of a frequency which the average human can hear, ranging from 30 to 16,000 hertz
binaural beats - When using stereo headphones, the left and right sounds do not mix together until in your brain. The frequency difference, when perceived by brain this way, is called a binaural beat.