"Subtle", interactive installation, 2005 (November 21-28)
[video projection, plexiglass, plastic hose, balloon, vynil letters, light, black fabric]
Hardy Foundation Hall, AKI, Enschede, The Netherlands
solo exhibition

Subtle emphasizes the significance of non verbal communication and its common misinterpretations. The face is the mind's involuntary messenger. Even when suppressed or subconscious, emotions make fleeting appearances.
The installation is comprised of two linked but distinct spaces. In the first space, a projection conveys expressions and emotions, and provokes a physical interaction with the viewer. Conclusions and interpretations drawn from the experience are called into question by a text piece exposed in the second space.

microexpression definition: The term micro-expression denotes a brief facial expression that lasts less than a quarter of a second. They often occur involuntarily, and can reveal emotions not deliberately expressed.

“We are continuously broadcasting ourselves in our micro-movements.”